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5 Expert Tips for Finding Affordable Bus Tickets to Las Vegas

By July 3, 2018September 6th, 2022Bus Travel, Las Vegas, Nevada
If you're ready to visit Sin City without breaking the bank, here are five expert tips for finding affordable bus tickets to Las Vegas.

Bus travel is known for being incredibly affordable, even to a destination as popular as Las Vegas. However, the Nevada tourist hub is notorious for its food, entertainment, and hotel costs, so it’s only natural to want to reduce your travel expenses as much as possible. Fortunately, following a few simple steps in the lead-up to your ticket purchase can help you achieve substantial savings. If you’re ready to visit Sin City without breaking the bank, here are five expert tips for finding affordable bus tickets to Las Vegas.

1. Start Shopping Early

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the early bird gets the worm”? When it comes to bus travel to Las Vegas, the early bird gets incredible ticket prices. Sin City is one of the most popular locations for last-minute travel plans, so waiting until the last minute to book bus tickets can cost you. Any surge in demand during the week or two before your desired departure date from other travelers placing their orders will result in prices skyrocketing. Yet, if you choose to order early on when the supply far outweighs the demand, you’re likely to secure better rates. It’s best to make your purchase at least a month in advance, but two to three months ahead is better.

2. Know Your Bus Ticket Options

Booking your seat sooner rather later doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around. To find the best bus ticket deals, it’s important that you do your research. There isn’t a set travel price among bus carriers, so simply choosing the first one you find won’t help you find the best rate. However, browsing different sites will take you hours to gather all of the information you need to make an educated decision. Fortunately, online booking sites allow you to compare prices from multiple companies at the same time so that you can find the most affordable option for your travel needs.

3. Avoid Peak Tourist Season

Vegas is a tourist haven, but the hordes of visitors are concentrated during certain times of year. April through June and late-August through October are some of the busiest seasons because of the overlap of good weather and summer breaks. However, the scorching heat of July creates a slight dip in travelers as do the cooler desert temperatures in November through February. Scheduling your vacation during the lower census periods can drastically reduce your travel costs because demand is low. However, be wary of booking trips around holidays, as the city experiences a flood of tourists.

4. Research Local Events

Even outside of peak tourist season, Las Vegas is a popular destination to hold national and international events. From conferences to sporting events, the city’s combination of near-endless food and entertainment opportunities, huge capacity venues, and hotel options make it the go-to destination for large group gatherings. Consequently, there are seamlessly random spikes in ticket rates, which will quickly eat away your budget. Fortunately, you can avoid higher travel costs by double checking the city’s events calendar before you book, even if it’s the off-season.

5. Consider Mid-Week Travel

Las Vegas is one of the rare tourist locations that sees repeat visitors, some of whom travel to the city multiple times per year. Many individuals will make the journey solely for a weekend or 24-hour getaway instead of a week-long trip, which results in higher travel costs during weekends. As such, you can score better bus ticket rates by booking your arrival and departure times to fall within the middle of the week. Bonus: Many hotels also offer their best booking prices during the week as opposed to the weekend, so this strategy could end up saving you even more in the end.

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