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How Bus Travel Changes Your Worldview

By May 10, 2018September 6th, 2022Bus Travel
Ready for the bus trip of your dream? It's time to travel!

You’ve signed up for a fun quiz app on your phone, and decide to check your knowledge of famous landmarks in the United States. It starts off easy enough with recognizable locations like the Grand Canyon and the Empire State Building, but quickly increases with difficulty. You begin to say to yourself:”I didn’t know the Appalachian Mountains went through West Virginia.””How many waterfront coasts does Florida have?””There’s more than one Disney theme park?”

Knowing specific geography facts is a skill that likely abandons you once you graduate elementary school. To really know and understand a country’s geography and landscape, you need to travel. Travel makes permanent indentations in your long-term memory when you see and experience different parts of the country. More importantly, it broadens your worldview. Here are a few ways that bus travel broadens your horizons!

You Appreciate Life’s Small Gestures

When you’re at your local grocery store and someone holds the door open for you, you might not even think twice. However, when you’re traveling to a different city and you have the same thing happen, it garners a different feeling. Seeing that people’s kindness and generosity in a different setting allows you to appreciate the goodness that you may overlook on a daily basis. Looking at life through a different lens is one of the greatest benefits of bus travel.

You Begin to Appreciate Experiences Over Objects

Yes, travel costs money. You need to budget for your bus ticket, hotel accommodations, food, souvenirs and admissions to local attractions. However, what you can’t put price on is the experiences you will have. You may have friends or neighbors who have lots of coveted objects in their homes. Don’t confuse having lots of items with having lots of experiences or memories. You may not have a hot tub on your deck, but you’ll remember your bus trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon by the lasting impact it has had on your worldview.

You’ll Become More Outgoing

Living in a digital society, it’s very easy to go an entire day without speaking to another human being. While this may seem convenient, it’s actually a detriment to the human experience. We are social creatures, and it is imperative that we continue to communicate face to face in order to cultivate new relationships. When you travel by bus, you are presented with many opportunities to communicate with other people in order to ask for directions, order your meal or find out the best coffee shop in town. Travel encourages us to reconnect with a part of ourselves that we so often turn off for the sake of convenience.

You Become a Great Bus Travel Researcher

Even if you choose to travel with a partner, you will still need to do some research and legwork before you reach your destination. Researching the cost of bus tickets, transfers, hotel locations, restaurants, museums and other attractions will need to occur before you leave for your destination. You will need to locate an arsenal of tools to find out information, such as internet reviews, friends’ opinions and word-of-mouth suggestions. If you don’t know the answer to a query, you need to seek out answers.

Traveling Encourages Independence

Traveling requires a DIY spirit — you will need to be ready to research and plan a trip all on your own. Even more exciting, if you plan to travel on your own, you will really find a great way to exert your independence. If you traveled when you were younger, chances are you itinerary was completely planned out for you. You didn’t need to worry about anything other than packing your favorite stuffed animal and getting into the car. However, traveling as an adult allows you to exert your independence and tailor a trip based on your preferences and interests. Remember when you were 8 and your family forced you to visit the yarn museum that bored you to tears? Your own itinerary won’t have the same issues. You can visit and explore places that you find interesting or would like to learn more about at your own leisure. The world is truly your oyster when you choose to travel to places you’d like to see!

You Become More Flexible

When you travel, many things are beyond your control. Mother nature, construction and closures all do not operate on your carefully planned itinerary. This means that you need to be adaptable and flexible when you travel. If the museum you’d like to visit is closed for renovations, don’t pout and sulk that your trip is ruined. Find another attraction nearby that also piques your interest and allow yourself to enjoy the last-minute curve ball. Travel is a fluid experience with many ups and downs — just like life. Being rigid and inflexible will guarantee a miserable experience on your trip. If you allow yourself to “go with the flow” and make changes on the fly, you’ll find that that attitude can also be beneficial in your everyday life when challenges arise. Exploring the United States will do more than help you with your quiz app on your phone — it opens your mind and spirit to many different experiences that help broaden your worldview.


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