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How to Stay Healthy During a Bus Trip

By February 12, 2019September 6th, 2022Bus Travel
Stay healthy and eat clean

Traveling by bus can be an exciting experience. Whether you’re taking the all-American journey across the country to see the sights or visiting family a few states away, traveling by bus takes away the pressure of driving and lets you sit back and relax.

But in all the excitement of travel, the last thing you need is to get laid up with a bug when you arrive at your destination. This handy guide will help you take care of your mind, body, and spirit when you travel so you can spend more time snapping Instagram pics and less time worrying.

Essentials for Bus Travel Chicago to Las Vegas

Whether you buy bus tickets for an Oklahoma City to New York City trip, see the sights from Chicago to Las Vegas, or book bus tickets from Boston to Miami, prioritizing self-care will help keep you healthy. If you expect the best and plan for the worst, you can avoid feeling sick or fatigued during the trip.

Healthy Hydration

Hydration is one of the things that can make or break your body’s health when traveling. You may forget to stay hydrated in all the excitement of traveling. So stash a couple of water bottles in your carry-on bag and hang onto them when they are empty to refill whenever you can.

Skin Solutions

From breakouts to dermatitis, skin irritations can arise fast on the road. Save yourself from misery by packing lotion, lip balm, and a light moisturizer or facial spritz. Stop and refresh your face after you’ve been traveling for a few hours. Facial cleansing wipes in a handy travel pack will undo some of the oil and grime from a day on the road. Don’t forget to apply a little sunscreen before you take off.

Rest and Rejuvenate

Nothing sucks the fun out of your bus trip more than sleep deprivation. Stay sharp and keep your immune system at its peak performance by catching a few zzzs on the road. A sleep mask and a pair of earplugs or noise-canceling headphones with your relaxation playlist can help keep you fully relaxed and rested when you wake up. For expert-level napping, include fuzzy sleep socks, travel pillow, melatonin, and a blanket.

Nosh for Nutrition

Eat clean and light on your trip. Kick up your fiber by going whole grain to avoid the dreaded vacation digestion woes that plague travelers the world over. Pack your meals for the road so you aren’t stuck eating gas station specials. Stash healthy, shelf-stable snacks in your backpack like Kind bars, mixed nuts, fresh and dried fruit, and trail mix. When you arrive at your destination, try to eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables, and stay away from junk food.

Move Those Muscles

Spending hours in a bus can be tough on your circulation and muscles. Even if you don’t feel like moving around, be sure to stretch when you can. Make it a priority to step off the bus at every stop and walk a few feet. The fresh air will also help boost your energy level.

Keep it Clean

One of the easiest ways to stave off illness on the road is by keeping germs at bay. Use sanitizer frequently, and be sure to keep tissues handy. Even if you’re in a hurry to hop back on the bus, be sure to wash your hands under warm water for at least 20 seconds.

Bus Trip Emergency Kit

Even if you eat right, rest, and drink plenty of fluids, you may still start to feel a little under the weather. Stashing a few emergency medical supplies could mean the difference between a miserable afternoon holed up indoors or a fabulous day touring the Big Apple. If you start to feel run down, try taking some zinc or echinacea.

Add these to your bag in case of emergency:

  • Headache medications
  • Digestive aids
  • Band-aids
  • Essential oils
  • Prescription medications and inhalers

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