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Mother’s Day Travel Ideas: 5 Bus Trips to Impress Mom

Discover your mother day top trip inspirations.

You’re known for your amazing ability to surprise mom with the best gifts ever. But even if you’ve managed to outdo yourself every single Mother’s Day, there may come a time when you’re completely stumped for clever ideas. There’s only so much perfume and chocolate you can really give a gal, after all. Why not use this opportunity to make her Mother’s Day travel dreams a reality? Booking a bus trip is an easy way to make any of these excursions happen. Here are five fun suggestions to keep in mind.

1. Joshua Tree National Park

If she can’t resist the call of the wild or simply loves nature, you can bet she’ll be blown away by the natural beauty of Joshua Tree National Park in California. As one of the world’s most renowned spots for stargazing, camping, and hiking, it provides nearly endless options for her inner adventuress. Since the park is situated in the High Desert and miles from Los Angeles and other big cities, it offers nothing but miles and miles of crisp, clean, pure skies — and that means you have every opportunity to marvel at the stars above for hours. Make the most of your explorations by tethering yourself to a helpful guide, who can show you prime hiking spots, help you climb safely, and even give you tips on taking the best photographs. There are also plenty of cute boutiques, restaurants, and live music venues in the surrounding communities.

2. Downtown Charleston

Warm, relaxed, slow-paced, comfortable — all are words that beautifully describe the vibe in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. If mom spends most of her week tolling at the office and taking care of everyone else, a much-needed bus trip to one of the country’s most laid-back cities is definitely in order. There’s so much to do here. Delve into local history and check out Fort Sumter via ferry. Wander to one of three nearby beaches and rent a boat for the day. Hit the Charleston City Market and indulge your inner shopaholics at the many stalls packed with everything from clothes to candles to artwork. If her greatest Mother’s Day travel idea involves spending quality time by the water, then make sure to schedule a stop at Waterfront Park — it’s situated along Cooper River and provides incredible views of water and nature alike.

3. Historic San Francisco

“Vibrant” only scratches the surface in describing the appeal of historic San Francisco, California. Of course, there is plenty to do here — including a visit to the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, which is certainly worth the trouble if you’re in the area. What makes San Francisco so worldly and special is its eclecticism, dynamic culture, and brilliant water views. Where but here can you explore the world’s most crooked road, Lombard Street, or check out the Cable Car Museum in its entirety? Don’t forget to visit Mission Dolores, the city’s oldest building, and the absolutely lush grounds at the mesmerizing Japanese Tea Garden. If mom is all about history, your trip wouldn’t be complete without checking Civil War-era Fort Point and the interactive museum at the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

4. Chincoteague Island

While a beach getaway is likely high on her list of Mother’s Day travel ideas, she probably isn’t fantasizing too much about boardwalks crammed with wall-to-wall foot traffic. Enter Chincoteague Island, a beautiful resort on the eastern shore of Virginia. Known largely for its wild ponies, the beautiful island differs dramatically from the luxe resort getaways you probably envision. There are no towering hotels or crowded boardwalks to navigate; instead, the area captures undeniable serenity thanks to its crisp, clean air and beautiful surroundings. There’s a Main Street in town where you can pop into a cute boutique or snap up a piece of artwork as a souvenir of your stay. If the idea is to eat, relax, explore, and repeat, you won’t find a better place to do all of the above.

5. Downtown Portland

Portland, Oregon, is a natural food lover’s paradise. It’s truly as simple as that, so if you both tend to eat to your heart’s content on vacations, this will be a trip worth every single penny. Here’s why: You will experience every possible element of culinary bliss during your stay. There are food carts to peruse, breweries to explore, coffee shops to check out, and countless global eateries to sample as you nosh your way through the city. There’s more to see, too, including the breathtaking Japanese Garden and equally elaborate Lan Su Chinese Garden. If there’s time, make room in the schedule for a quick jaunt to Multnomah Falls, just 30 minutes outside of the city. You’ll be dazzled by the jets of water as they cascade down.

Inspired to surprise mom with an unforgettable bus trip this Mother’s Day? Book your bus tickets today and prepare to wow her!

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