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Packing for Snowy Weather? Here’s What You Need

Packing for Snowy Weather? Here’s What You Need

Brrr! It’s cold out there! You know you can count on dealing with all kinds of winter mayhem if you plan to travel to a snowy destination this season. But when you pack the right way for your trip, you can handle it all with ease. Here’s everything you need to make sure your journey goes smoothly.

A Moisture-Resistant Suitcase

Traveling in wet weather presents an entirely new set of conundrums you might not be equipped to handle. That’s where a water-resistant suitcase comes in handy. Aim to purchase something that is designed to handle the wrath of a little snow and rain so you don’t have to deal with shopping for a new bag when you should be out enjoying your vacation. Your best bet? Have a suitcase or a backpack that tolerates the wet stuff like a champ.

If you prefer to carry a suitcase, look for something that has a hardshell case or that specifically states it is made from a weather-proof material of some kind. If you favor a backpack, look for products that are sturdy, thick, and made with a weather-resistant material. The base, too, should be waterproof in order to protect its integrity in the long term. Run your hands over the seams of your bags to ensure they’re tightly stitched; these are the areas that are most vulnerable to breakage, and they’re most likely to invite moisture inside.

A Great Pair of Boots

You won’t get very far if you don’t have a pair of reliable boots with you. Although the footwear world is full of all kinds of boot styles, you can narrow down your selection right away by zeroing in on the pairs made specifically for winter wear. Skip the bells and whistles and definitely the suedes—you’re looking for more of a heavy-duty boot than something you would wear to brunch with friends.

There are several factors that come into play here with your boots. The first is their ability to keep you dry. Waterproof boots are a great choice because they lock out moisture and ensure you won’t trudge back to your hotel in sopping wet socks. Then, consider how warm they feel. The boots should be properly insulated to ensure maximum coziness at all times. Next, run your hand over the soles. They should be made of rubber and offer premium traction. That’s the only way to walk on slick surfaces comfortably and safely with any amount of confidence this winter.

A Whole Bunch of Layers

Now it’s time to think about your wardrobe. A coat is a must, and you should opt for the warmest option you own. If you need to shop for something, look for outerwear made from waterproof fabrics that will shield you from wet weather, lock in body heat, and keep you dry all at once. These are the most basic of requirements when you’re outside in the snow. You should also bring along a couple of sweaters—a thick cardigan you can wear when you’re curled up by the fireplace inside the hotel, for example, and a pullover you can wear layered over a collared shirt when you go to dinner or head outside.

Layering, however, encompasses far more than those basics. As you’re packing for snowy weather, make sure to include a few long-sleeve thermal tops you can slip on beneath your sweater and coat as a third warming layer. Bring along a vest, too, if you think that temperatures might go up a little; you’ll feel comfortable layering that over a long-sleeve top, but you won’t need to also wear your coat unless the weather absolutely calls for it.

A Few Extra Provisions

It’s good to be prepared with a few additional winter essentials. Bring along sunscreen to protect your skin from potent ultraviolet rays while you’re on the slopes, plus lip balm infused with sun protection. Pack a thick body cream, such as one enriched with shea butter, to prevent dryness and windburn.

Packing for Snowy Weather? Grab Your Tickets Today

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