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Road Tripping in the South: Where to Go on Your Bus Trip

Dreaming of the South? Pick a state and hop on the bus. It's time for a road trip.

The South is renowned for its humidity, its great food, and it’s connection to country music, but there is so much more to this diverse region than these generalized associations. While they’re all accurate on some level, it’s the beauty of the South’s many diverse states and all that each has to offer that truly make it notable. If you’re booking a bus trip and curious about where to go in the South, look no further. Here are four incredible spots to visit during your road-tripping adventure.

1. Beaufort, South Carolina

To capture the beauty of Beaufort in just a few words would not do justice to this charming Lowcountry locale. No matter when you drive through the beloved South Carolina getaway, you’ll find something to do. Take a stroll along Woods Memorial Bridge and enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway below. Take a carriage or walking tour of the town, whose 500-year history is both remarkable and humbling. Costumed tour guides bring the experience to life in a riveting way, transporting you to the past as they show many of the city’s most important landmarks, including Fort Fremont and the Penn Center.

Another spot you won’t want to miss: the Santa Elena History Center, a National Historic Landmark and the first European settlement in the country. If you’re in an ambling sort of mood, wander downtown, where you’ll encounter an assembly of beloved restaurants and unique boutiques that intermingle with historic 19th- and 20th-century homes.

2. Bristol, Tennessee

If you’re a music enthusiast, it makes sense to head straight for Bristol, TN. Home to some of the first original country music recordings, the city is known as the “Birthplace of Country Music,” an honor bestowed by Congress in 1998. But where to first? Take a stroll along State Street and snap a photograph of the iconic city sign, which is situated some 25 feet over the state line that divides Tennessee and Virginia. Pop into the bi-level Birthplace of Country Music Museum and observe the vast series of ongoing exhibits exploring the worlds of sound, recording, and technology as they relate to Bristol. Indulge your inner adventurer and take a peek at Bristol Caverns, or bring the kids to nearby Backyard Terrors and Dinosaur Park for some hauntingly good prehistoric fun.

3. Abingdon, Virginia

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Highlands, Abingdon is easily one of the most picturesque towns in southwest Virginia — and an easy choice if you can’t decide where to go in the South but know that your primary focus is history. Surrounded by the mountains, the historic town features leafy neighborhoods, cobbled walkways, and history at every turn.

The Martha Washington Inn & Spa was founded in 1862; a private home at the time, it served as a hospital during the Civil War. Pay a visit to the William King Museum of Art, set in a former schoolhouse dating from 1913, to enjoy a selection of exhibits and artifacts. Or pull on your hiking boots and walk the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail, which puts you in the footsteps of the mustering volunteers who journeyed to Kings Mountain, SC, to defeat the British during the Revolutionary War.

4. Dahlonega, Georgia

Wine lovers may already know what makes Dahlonega so special. It’s known as the heart of Georgia Wine Country for good reason. The area is rife with destination wineries and vineyards, and visitors are welcome to indulge in luxurious wine tours throughout this beautiful region in the northern part of the state. You’re treated to magnificent views of the Blue Ridge Mountains everywhere you look. If wine isn’t your thing, why not pan for gold instead in a nearby streambed? In the energetic city square downtown, you’ll enjoy walking tours, shopping, and vibrant dining opportunities. Don’t miss a visit to the nearby Dahlonega Gold Museum, one of the oldest courthouses still standing in the state.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy sort, you’ll appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of Cane Creek Falls, situated within Fall Creek Falls State Park. You can see the falls from the visitor center, but it’s worth the trek down the cable trail if you’re interested in a more intimate experience. Be warned that it can be tricky to navigate at times!

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Now that you’ve got a taste of where to go in the South, it’s time to pack your bags, plan your road trip, and head out the door. Book your excursion on today — and prepare for a southern adventure you’ll never forget.

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