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Taking A Bus Trip: Why Traveling On Your Own Can Be a Blast

By May 14, 2018September 6th, 2022Bus Travel

Traveling on your own may seem like a strange idea at first. You might wonder who you’ll talk to, how you’ll pass the time, and if you’ll have as much fun on your own as you would in a group. However, when you start to really consider all of the benefits of booking a solo bus trip, it looks like an increasingly attractive option. You’ll have a chance to move at your own pace, explore your own personal interests, and spend your mental and physical energy only on yourself. Traveling alone is a super way to spend some quality “me time” and re-connect with yourself in our busy world. Here are some ideas why taking a bus trip on your own is the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Time to Explore Your Own Interests

When you taking a bus trip with a group or a partner, traveling is all about compromise. You may want to go to the art gallery, but your partner is bored to tears by the thought of looking at paintings all afternoon. Your partner compromises, but your time at the gallery is cut short, and you are keenly aware of the disinterested person that is sharing your museum tour. When you travel with a group, this becomes even harder. Sometimes you’re at the mercy of a pre-determined, timed schedule, or your top choice gets nixed by the crowd in favor of a more popular activity.

When you’re traveling on your own, you can take your time and thoroughly explore all of the areas and interests you desire at your own pace. If you want to spend all afternoon exploring French impressionist painters, you can do just that. Even better, you may strike up a conversation with a fellow enthusiast who shares your passion during your leisurely study. Taking a bus trip solo is an excellent way for you to visit an attraction in a city that piques your interest. Staying connected to our passions and interests is vitally important to maintaining your sense of self in a world where you likely have to play multiple roles every day.

No One to Worry About But Yourself

Picture this: you’re on a vacation with your partner, your family, or with a group of your friends. When someone suggests that it’s time to eat, you need to take into consideration that:

  • Daryl is gluten-free
  • Tim hates “fancy” food
  • Chantel has a shellfish allergy
  • Carol is a vegetarian who hates mushrooms
  • Erik thinks Guy Fieri is the epitome of high-class cuisine

The list of dietary concerns and taste preferences is endless. Often by the time you’ve finally settled on a place that accommodates everybody, you’re all so cranky and hungry that eating becomes a joyless endeavor.

When you’re traveling on your own, there’s only one person’s preferences, dietary needs, and tastes that you need to accommodate for– your own! If you want to be adventurous and try a new cuisine or dining experience that you’ve never had before, go for it! If you’d prefer to stay a little closer to your comfort zone and stick with foods you’re familiar with, go ahead! Your snobby foodie friend isn’t there to judge you for your food choices. This is just one example of how traveling on your own allows you to focus on pleasing just yourself, and not having to expend extra time and energy to appease the crown you’re traveling with.

Silence Can Be Golden!

Worried that you might be bored with no one to talk to? Don’t fear the quiet moments when taking a bus trip or being by yourself in a restaurant. Use this time to catch up on your favorite podcast or website, or dig into a new book. We are forced to be connected and communicate on an almost never-ending basis, so having some quiet time can be a zen-like experience.

You Can Make New Friends or Acquaintances

If you are a naturally extroverted person, you’re probably good for a little quiet time, but need to have human interactions in order to feel connected. Traveling on your own gives you the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with a local, or even another traveler. Most locals are full of useful information, and will readily offer their opinions for the best pie, coffee, local landmark, or festival in town that you haven’t heard of. If you’re visiting a niche hobby or specific interest on your itinerary, don’t be afraid to speak with the curator, director, or other patrons of the exhibit. Chances are, if you’re visiting a vintage candle maker’s shop, you’ll find lots of other patrons just like you who share this common interest. This is a great time to swap social media contacts and add these resources to your network. You’ll never know who you need to call when you need a wick replacement for an antique, artisan candle!

Don’t shy away from taking a bus trip on your own because it’s something you’ve never thought about before. Think of this solo adventure as a chance for you to re-connect with yourself, your interests, and your sense of independence.


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