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The Best Yoga Retreats in America

Woman practicing yoga at a retreat on the beach.

“Getting away from it all” has many different interpretations. For some, it simply means relaxing at home for a couple of days and binge-watching a TV show. For others, it means physically leaving the confines of their hometown and escaping to a nearby destination for a little rest and relaxation. While those all have restorative and nourishing qualities, truly escaping from the world as you know it is a job for a yoga retreat. If you crave solitude, serenity, joy, and a sense of inner peace, then you owe it to yourself to explore the best yoga retreats in the U.S. Here are a few to consider for your next journey.


Yoga enthusiasts around the world recognize Yogaville in Buckingham County, VA, as one of the premier communities for mental, spiritual, and emotional growth. Set along the James River and providing stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this beautiful retreat is as placid as you could hope for. Take advantage of their residential program to spend some quality time learning about yoga at its core. You’ll do more than simply practice your moves. Here, you become one with nature as you immerse yourself in the surrounding greenery, explore the many mountain trails, and gaze in wonder at the reflective waters. If you can only visit for a short period, book a more flexible guest stay and spend some time learning how nourishing and healing yoga can be for both the body and the soul.

White Lotus Yoga Foundation

If you live anywhere in California, it’s worth the trip to Santa Barbara to visit one of the best yoga retreats in the U.S. The White Lotus Yoga Foundation provides marvelous views of the city and the ocean, and its privileged position in a canyon above San Jose creek makes it feel particularly isolated. That’s the beauty of this retreat — you’re put in proximity with the best of the earth, and as you listen to the rush of water and hear the gentle breeze tickle the trees lining abundant hiking trails, you’ll forget anything weighing on your mind. The facility offers vegetarian dining and beautiful scenery, but you truly get what you wish for when you book a retreat here: yogic practices are central to everything, something you’ll experience through daily classes, group meditations, and enjoyable social events.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

A visit to the Berkshires sounds great, of course, but if you’re in Stockbridge, MA, then your first order of business should be a visit to the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. The largest residential option for yoga practitioners and enthusiasts in the country, the center was founded in the late 1960s. It enjoys an excellent reputation centered on its commitment to meditative practices, energy work, breathing, relaxation, and spiritual guidance. If your goal is to relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, or simply try something new, then this immersive facility provides everything that you need. It’s ideal even if you’re a beginner or uncertain about your fitness abilities. There are courses and experiences for all skill levels — and in such a welcoming environment, you’re sure to feel right at home.

Sedona Ranch

Arizona may be known largely for its vast desert, wealth of state parks, and sweltering temperatures, but there’s something even more special for yoga enthusiasts to experience: Sedona Ranch. The destination offers your choice of private or small group retreats that are designed to essentially “reset” everything so that you can release what ails you — both mentally and physically — and rejoin your universe with a fresh outlook. The multiday getaway includes a series of meditations, yoga exercises, hikes, and even acupuncture or reiki if you so desire. Through intuitive life coaching and optional, fee-based equine therapy, you can take your treatment to the next level and make the most of your journey to a newer, healthier, and more vibrant you.

Rolling Meadows Retreat

Situated on 100 acres of rolling grounds in coastal Maine is the wondrous Rolling Meadows Retreat. If all you truly need is to find an east coast spot where you can revel in silence, focus on your breathing, and enjoy intimate yoga and meditation sessions with groups no larger than 11 people, you’ll be delighted by what you experience here. Silent retreats encourage reflection, and in an environment where everything is natural, peaceful, and beautiful, you’ll find that you focus on things far differently than you do in your “real” life. Participants are left renewed, refreshed, and prepared to tackle what may have scared them in the past. Think of it as a chance to discover who you truly are beneath the layers of the confusion, worry, stress, and anxiety.

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