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How to Stay Healthy When You’re on the Road

By July 2, 2019Bus Travel
Traveling? Make sure to bring all of the healthy essentials you need. Here are your travel health tips!

It happens nearly every time you go on a trip. You promise yourself that you’ll watch what you eat, get up early and hit the hotel gym, drink and eat dessert in moderation, and generally behave normally instead of going on the all-too-common “vacation diet.” It’s a trap that ensnares even those with the best of intentions, and it actually has little to do with willpower. The fact is you’re on vacation, which means your mind is set to relaxation mode and you’re — to put it mildly — open to all kinds of adventures, including those of the culinary persuasion. So is there anything that you can do to be a little bit better about this without losing sight of what it means to have a good time? Here are a few practical travel health tips that you can actually use.

Pack Your Own Snacks

Yes, the minibar in your hotel room does have an outstanding selection of $8 candy bars and $15 cashews. Unless you’ve budgeted for such a thing, keep snacking wallet-friendly and effortless by packing a few of your own personal favorites. You can easily tuck snack bars, popcorn, trail mix, and other easy-to-eat foods into your bag and reach for them while you’re on the bus or in your room. Opt for light snacks that won’t weigh you down and fill you up too much — you want to make sure that you leave some room to enjoy the local delicacies, after all.

Do Some Morning Stretches

It’s certainly possible that you’ll make good on your vow to go to the gym every morning. But on the off chance that you sleep in after a great night out, or simply want to soak up some quality time doing other things, then you can make up for that by keeping your body engaged with a few stretches. The morning stretch session is one of the most important because it helps loosen your joints and muscles. It will help you stay alert and prepare you for a busy day ahead, too. Unlike full-body workouts, this travel health tip is one that most people can easily incorporate into their AM routines.

Devise a Room Workout

So you aren’t about to make your way down to the gym, after all. But if you’re still inspired to break a sweat, you have another option: the in-room workout. Take a look around first. Many chains now include workout equipment in their guest rooms, so you may well have direct access to a yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, or a stationary bike. If not, put together a simple 10- to 15-minute session that you can easily complete in the comfort of a compact space. Include sets of jumping jacks, squats, crunches, and push-ups to work up a good sweat and get your heart pumping. You can also fire up a challenging room workout on your tablet or computer. Be sure to pack what you might need, such as resistance bands or ankle weights.

Make Healthy Meal Choices

There’s no need to deprive yourself on the road. You don’t even need to go in that direction mentally — because if you “cheat” on said promise, you’ll feel terrible and won’t be able to enjoy the rest of your trip. Instead, focus on eating indulgently and wisely all at once. What does that mean, exactly? You get to dig into the hearty grilled brie and pear sandwich that everyone raves about for lunch, but you balance it with a more reasonable dinner that won’t make you feel stuffed or uncomfortable. Be practical — look for items that are grilled, opt for dishes loaded with vegetables and lean proteins, and request sauce on the side so that you can still enjoy flavors you love.

Prepare to Get Away

Know your limitations. Always bring exactly what you need to ensure that you stay healthy while you’re away from home, like medications and sunscreen. Keep a few basics on you at all times, including painkillers, bandages, and antibiotic ointment. Drink plenty of water, as dehydration can affect your mind and body in many ways and make it tough to enjoy the trip fully. And be sure to get some rest, even if you’re ready to fill every moment of the day with activities. Even a quick half hour is better than nothing, and you’ll feel rejuvenated enough to face the rest of your agenda with plenty of energy.

Book Your Healthy Journey

Armed with these travel health tips, you should have no trouble enjoying yourself while you’re on the road! If you’re inspired and ready to get away from it all, head to to book an affordable journey to the destination of your dreams.


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