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Survive Traveling With Kids This Christmas

By November 5, 2019September 1st, 2022Bus Travel, Packing Tips
Christmas travel with kids

Traveling With Kids This Christmas? Here’s How to Survive It

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for eager kids who can’t wait to spend a couple of weeks at home. For parents, it’s time to gear up for an especially busy season—one that involves keeping little ones entertained, making plans for the holiday, and determining the most efficient way to handle your upcoming vacation. If you’re planning on traveling with kids this Christmas, make sure you’re ready for the journey with these tips.

Plan It All out Early

The sooner you develop a concrete travel plan, the more confident you’ll feel about traveling with kids this Christmas. As you approach leaving day, make sure to do all the research in advance, including pricing different room rates so you can snag the best deal early. You can also book your transportation early so you don’t have to worry about dealing with sudden price hikes. It gets increasingly busy deeper into the season, so it’s well worth handling everything now so you can focus on other details.

Book a Spacious Room

Think about your sleeping situation. If your kids are old enough, you may want to consider booking a neighboring room for them. Or, if your budget allows, you might want to book a suite to ensure no one goes stir crazy inside a single room. While you may not plan to spend too much time in the hotel room, it’s worth booking the extra space if you have more than one child. The more cramped the room, the more likely you’ll spend half your time attempting to gain some semblance of control.

Pack Only the Essentials

Part of traveling involves transporting luggage from one destination to the next. If you’re traveling by bus, then it’s especially important to factor in the number of bags you bring along. Kids have a tendency to toss all kinds of things into their bags, from toys to electronics. Make sure they bring along only the essentials. After all, a single bag is far more practical than multiple, as it allows just enough space to bring comfortable clothes for Christmas day, along with any dressy essentials that might be needed if you’re attending a special event. Otherwise, keep everything else casual so you and the kids will feel relaxed and at your best. If you’re planning to pack gifts, reserve a single suitcase for those items, or save yourself the hassle and ship those gifts to your destination in advance. Be sure to confirm with your place of accommodation, whether it’s a rental home or a hotel, that this is permissible.

Keep Travel Basics Handy

Kids are likely to get pretty restless while en route to the destination. If you’re traveling with kids this Christmas, fill a bag of holiday essentials so they stay busy, focused, and entertained during the journey. Include travel-friendly snacks, like apple slices, cheese sticks, crackers, and nuts, and plenty of water to keep them hydrated on the go. Fill up their tablets or smartphones with games, puzzles, and books, including a few holiday-themed apps to help them feel more festive and enthusiastic about the trip. Adding classic Christmas books is a great idea, as is downloading the NORAD Santa Claus tracker so little ones can keep an eye on the big man’s whereabouts (and hopefully stay on their best behavior in preparation for his arrival)!

Bring the Holidays Along

Sure, being in a different environment on Christmas day can be unusual, especially if you’re accustomed to celebrating with great flair in the comfort of your own home. But the beauty of traveling with kids at Christmas is that it gives you an opportunity to make some new memories together. Bring along some creature comforts of home to remind your kids you can celebrate the holiday anywhere so long as you’re together. Stockings, cute little figurines, and ornaments are all easy to pack, and you can play some festive tunes in the background to enhance the mood. If you’re staying in a rental home or apartment, you might even purchase a small tree while you’re there and decorate it.

Survive Your Bus Trip When Traveling With Kids This Christmas

Don’t let the prospect of traveling with the kiddos this holiday season throw you off! All it takes is some strategic planning, and you’ll be ready for anything the journey brings. Head over to book your Christmas vacation today!

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