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3 Tips for Traveling With Pets

3 Tips for Traveling With Pets

Going on vacation is a great way to relax and get away from it all. While you’re busy packing, make sure you don’t leave one very key family member behind: your fur baby! Although it may not always be practical to take your pet along on your trip, in some instances, it’s a great idea and can even help you unwind more effectively while you’re away. Here are some tips for traveling with pets to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Pack a Pet Essentials Bag

Just like you need your plush travel pillow and your cozy travel shawl, your pet needs a few essentials to stay comfortable on the road, too. Why risk having a cranky pooch or kitty who misses his favorite toy? Toss it into a bag along with food, any necessary medications, first-aid items, a leash, a collapsible bowl, grooming products, and waste bags.

Assuming you’re heading to pet-friendly accommodations, you’ll need to take your animal outside for regular walks and fresh air. Having all these items close at hand will minimize the possibility of any sudden emergencies developing while you’re out and about. It may also help to bring along a beloved blanket—something that smells like home so your pet will feel more comfortable when he’s nestled inside. This is one of those tips for traveling with pets that is often overlooked—don’t neglect to bring a little touch of home with you!

Research Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you’re going camping, you don’t have to worry—your pet will feel right at home in the great outdoors!

If you’ll be staying at a hotel or resort instead, you need to make sure that your accommodations of choice are as welcoming to animals as they are to humans. Pet-friendly hotels are everywhere, and many of them go the extra mile to provide cat and dog owners with the provisions they need to properly care for their animals when they’re away from home.

Some properties charge a small fee for pet check-ins, but others have none at all. Look for luxurious extras that promise to make the getaway even more luxurious and enjoyable for your pet. Many of the Four Seasons properties, for example, offer in-room extras like bowls topped off with Evian water, soft pet beds, and tasty treats. Some even have dog room service menus! Make sure to research the hotel’s pet weight limit, if any, and inquire about their on-site rules. Can you bring your pet along to the common areas? Are animals permitted in restaurants or by the pool? Is there a pet cleaning fee? All these factors may influence your stay, so do some thorough research before you leave.

Prepare for Emergencies

Nobody wants to imagine that something might happen to their beloved pet on the road — and in all likelihood, it won’t. But it’s always best to be prepared. If you do nothing else, take these preventative measures. They’ll actually help you feel even more relaxed while you’re away from home. First, make sure that you have your animal’s medical records available in case you need to make a stop at the nearest veterinary clinic. Before you leave, make sure you make note of the closest 24-hour veterinarians at your destination so you can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Then attach an additional tag to your pet’s collar with contact information for your accommodations. Include the hotel’s name, address, and phone number, along with the dates of your stay. Finally, make sure that your pet stays hydrated throughout the trip. Fresh, cold water will prevent your animal from overheating while on the road.

Keep These Tips for Traveling With Pets Handy

You’ll need these tips in your back pocket as you prepare for another epic vacation with your beloved pet! Whether you’re going camping, planning a staycation in the nearest big city, or traveling to another state, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Expect to have a great time, but always be prepared for anything that a change of scenery might bring. Pets are creatures of habit, and as a responsible dog or cat parent, you know how important routines are to them. By staying by their side every step of the way, you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy themselves.

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