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5 Things You Have to Do On Your Trip to Lake George

By September 9, 2019September 1st, 2022Bus Travel, New York
Trip to Lake George

Your Trip to Lake George

Quaint, peaceful, and wonderfully secluded, Lake George is easily one of the most attractive destinations to visit in New York. If you seek a respite from chaotic city life and truly want to escape from the hubbub, you probably won’t find a more suitable location in the state. It’s part of the publicly protected Adirondack region, which is renowned for its flawless views, beautiful forests, and shimmering lakes and rivers. If you’re planning your getaway, here are a few things to do in Lake George.

Walk Through the Village

If you dream of a getaway that feels a bit old-fashioned, you won’t find a much better place than Lake George. That’s largely due to the ambiance in the village. The pedestrian-friendly area is packed with some of the best beaches around, including Lake George Dog Beach and Shepard Park Beach, both of which are completely free to visitors. You can’t escape the many wonderful restaurants and bars here, too, especially if you’re craving something eclectic or want to enjoy a classic night on the town while listening to live music. There are plenty of pubs that offer regular entertainment, but you can just as easily book a table at an upscale establishment if you’re feeling fancy. One not to miss: The Caldwell House Restaurant, situated inside a lakeside cabin.

Go on a Steamboat Cruise

Since 1817, the Lake George Steamboat Company has provided visitors with unforgettable journeys along the water. Whether you board the flagship Lac du Saint Sacrement or enjoy a ride on the MV Mohican II or the Minne Ha Ha, you’ll experience a memorable cruise that puts you smack in the middle of all the action. As you sail along the placid waters, you’ll enjoy flawless views of the Adirondack Mountains. There are even themed cruises for kids and entertainment lovers. What better way to experience Lake George from a fresh vantage point?

Visit the Adirondack Winery

The leading winery in the entire region is situated directly in Lake George. Adirondack Winery is more than just a typical wine-lovers retreat. The tasting room, situated in downtown Lake George Village, is the perfect spot to sample some of the facility’s beloved, award-winning creations. They’re open year-round and are proud to host some of the area’s most lively and enjoyable events. These folks celebrate everything — you can enjoy some wine on National Relaxation Day, stop in during Lake George Oktoberfest for a few sips, or pop in on “Hallowine” for some spooky good fun.

Shop at the Outlet Malls

If you’re up for a good bargain — and really, who doesn’t love a steal on a designer handbag or suit? — then you won’t find anywhere better than the Outlets at Lake George. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here, from well-known clothing retailers and candle shops to shoe stores and accessory chains. For even more opportunities, head to the nearby Adirondack Outlet Mall, which is just a five-minute walk away.

Delve Into Local History On Your Trip to Lake George

Open from May through October, the Fort William Henry Museum and Restoration is an important testament to the area’s rich history. It served as the commander spot for Lake George during the French and Indian War from 1755 to 1757. The experience here is incredibly satisfying for history buffs. A tour guide dressed as an authentic 18th-century guard will lead you through the property and show you live demonstrations of musket firings. You can also enjoy a self-guided tour and pop into the souvenir shop when you’re done.

Book Your Lake George Vacation Today

Are you ready to enjoy some downtime by the lake? Booking a trip to Lake George is a great way to get away from it all and relax for a while. Head to to get started — and prepare to make some wonderful memories in one of New York’s most quiet and historic spots.


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