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4 of the Best Accessories for Winter Travel

By November 27, 2019September 1st, 2022Bus Travel

Embarking on a winter vacation is considerably different than going on a trip during spring or summer. Challenging weather conditions make it absolutely essential to pack extra items that keep you comfortable while you’re on the road. After you’ve booked your bus ticket, make sure that you’re armed with at least four of the best accessories for winter travel to see you through in cozy comfort.

Pillow Blanket

If you aren’t yet familiar with the genius of the pillow blanket—some call it a “planket” while others affectionately refer to it as a “quillow”—then you’re about to be amazed. Think of it as the ultimate space-saving accessory for every getaway on your agenda. Shaped like a traditional pillow, it provides you with plush comfort and stability when you want to nestle something behind your back or neck as you settle onto the bus and relax for a few hours. But if you’re getting a little chilly—it is winter, right?—or just want to feel a little more comfortable, you can unzip the pillowcase to reveal an ultra-soft blanket. The beauty of the pillow blanket is that it truly goes _everywhere_. It’s ideal for travel because it provides you with instant coziness without all the crazy and unnecessary bulk. Who wants to lug around giant pieces of bedding when you’re already overwhelmed with boots, sweaters, and coats? This product keeps you warm and helps you feel more at ease. Bonus: If you don’t like sleeping under the hotel comforter, your pillow blanket makes a more than suitable alternative.

Packable Jacket

Picture it: It’s about 70 degrees where you live, but you’re traveling up north where it’s about 50 degrees colder. What to do when you barely own a jacket, let alone a hefty coat? Invest in one of the best accessories for winter travel imaginable: a packable jacket. There are dozens of iterations available, all of which supply you with the extras that you need to stay comfortable. If you think you want to keep your head covered, then, by all means, snag a jacket with a hood. If you’re all about plush coziness and warmth, check out a down or down alternative option. Look for convenient closing mechanisms that go up to the neck to keep you warm from top to bottom. Packable designs not only offer comfort, but they’re convenient, too. Who can beat the practicality of a warming garment that folds into its own pocket? You don’t even have to sacrifice comfort in the process; these pieces were designed especially for the dual purpose of keeping you warm without weighing down your bag.

Tea Press

You probably didn’t know that you needed a tea press—but you absolutely do if you love a cup of hot tea and don’t want to miss out just because you’re traveling. Think of it as a coffee press but strictly for your tea. It’s designed to extract with precision to ensure a perfectly rich, beautifully defined flavor that you would expect at home. With just a quick and simple press, you can steep your tea multiple times to enjoy fresh, mess-free cups. Most importantly, the brew stays continuously hot, thanks to an insulated stainless steel flask that features a double-wall construction. Naturally, it’s built to perform and withstand plenty of movement while you’re on the go so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. Grab your favorite tea and go!

Thick Shawl

Yes, a scarf is required cold-weather wear, but when it’s freezing outside, you’ll do decidedly better when you hit the road with a thick and substantial shawl instead. Among the best accessories for winter travel, shawls can serve a variety of purposes when you’re on the move. Drape it over your shoulders when it’s not chilly enough to warrant a thick coat, or wrap it around your neck multiple times to keep warm. Fold it up snugly and it doubles as a light pillow or support for your neck and back when you’re seated for hours. You can even wear it as a blanket when you want to catch a few ZZZs before you arrive at your destination.

The Best Accessories for Winter Travel

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