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Planning a Boston Vacation? 5 Reasons to Travel by Bus

By June 7, 2018September 6th, 2022Boston, Bus Travel, Massachusetts
travel by bus

From historic sites and modern adventures to good eats and epic sports events, Boston, MA, is an excellent vacation spot any time of the year. As Boston is a popular destination, there are a variety of transportation modes available, but none of them compare to bus travel. If you’re ready to book your Boston bus trip, here are a few reasons you won’t regret traveling by bus.

1. Traveling by Bus Is Affordable

Whether on a budget or not, no one wants to spend thousands of dollars on travel accommodations for their vacation. The whole goal of the trip is to relax, see some interesting sites, and truly enjoy yourself, but that feat is impossible if you’re forced to pinch pennies as a result of excessive airfare costs. Mercifully, you’ll never have to experience the pain of overpriced tickets when you book a bus ticket. Coaches are designed with efficiency in mind, so carriers are able to offer affordable costs year-round. In many cases, you can even purchase a ticket for under $100, which is a fraction of the cost of air travel.

2. Experience a Comfortable Journey

While airplane seats have drastically shrunk over the last three decades, buses have gone in the opposite direction. Today’s travelers can expect ample leg room, spacious seats, and cushy padding, all of which are chosen by manufacturers to increase the comfort of riders. Along with the coziness of today’s bus seating, many coaches also offer modern amenities. From flat screen TVs to Wi-Fi capabilities, you may find yourself more comfortable traveling by bus than you are at home. You’ll quickly wonder why there’s a need for any other style of transportation.

3. Enjoy the First-Class Views

One of the top perks of traveling by bus is the views. While you get to see multiple blobs in various colors from the sky, a bus offers first-class views of the towns, cities, and countryside that you pass through along the way. Essentially, the journey itself serves as part of your vacation because it’ll feel as if you’re receiving a tour of the scenic areas you travel through.

4. Score a Seat Without the Battle

While international jets are huge, smaller planes are used for national and regional flights, which means there’s a limited number of seats available. With fewer spots, you’re likely to end up competing with hundreds of other flyers for affordable fare or with a standby ticket for which there’s no guarantee you’ll make the flight you want.

Thankfully, there are multiple bus carriers, and the majority of them provide numerous trips per day to popular metropolitan destinations like Boston. Every commercial bus, even if they only serve a regional area, offers a massive amount of seating. If you end up having to book bus tickets last minute, you’re still sure to find a spot on one of the many buses that arrive in Beantown on a daily basis.

5. Skip the Never-Ending Security Line

Airport security lines are the stuff of nightmares. You wait for hours just to make it to the front of the line only then to feel overwhelmed by the rules surrounding what articles of clothing do and don’t need to be removed. The whole situation is enough for many travelers to forego a vacation altogether. Fortunately, traveling by bus doesn’t require that riders experience that level of chaos and confusion.

Security for bus travel is effective and safe, but it doesn’t require that passengers jump through unnecessary hoops. While bus depots utilize a variety of security features, the spacing of the departures and efficiency of the employees ensure a quick and stress-free inspection. You’ll be ready to board your bus in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Beantown offers the perfect mix of old and new, combining its rich history with modern adventures. If you’re planning a vacation to Boston, traveling by bus is the way to the go, and at, booking bus tickets has never been so easy. Our simple and efficient platform allows you to compare prices and customize your departure and return trips to fit your vacation needs. Buy your bus tickets today – Save More, Travel More!

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