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Book Charter Bus Tickets: Features that Make Bus Travel Irresistible

By June 13, 2018September 6th, 2022Charter Bus

Forget everything you thought you knew about charter buses. Today’s modern coaches roll out lots of attention-grabbing amenities that turn the average road trip into a thrilling joyride. Let’s explore some of the road-worthy options now available to you as you book bus tickets to your next destination.

Custom Comfort on the Coach

Ask any passenger who has ever chartered a bus, and they will tell you that relaxation is always the top priority on a trip. This point was not lost on Greyhound, who in recent years has revamped their chartered coach seats to give their passengers more adjustment options, an extended footrest, more legroom, and plush leather.

And get this: some of their most popular lines now feature two-seat rows instead of three. Everyone gets a window and instant access to the aisle. You’ll never have to apologize for getting up again. If you book charter bus tickets for a New York to Miami bus trip, you’ll instantly fall in love with the new Greyhound and relish every mile.

Savvy Travel Tech Keeps You Entertained

If you’re looking for more advanced tech features for your journey, then get on the bus. To stay current with the onboard media trend that comes standard in flight and railway companies, charter services are now offering a smorgasbord of high-end media and connectivity features sure to keep you and your family entertained for hours.

For instance, Adirondack Trailways, one of New York’s oldest and most popular charter bus services, has thrown in the essential tech package that includes personal electrical outlets, complimentary WiFi, as well as large screen TVs for large group viewing. They’ve also upgraded their per-seat lighting systems and controlled AC vents. The best part is that you can travel virtually anywhere throughout New York, or from New York to destinations around the country. One of the most popular trailway destinations for bus travel is Las Vegas.

Bus Travel Accommodations for Every Passenger

Bus companies are providing more amenities on four wheels to take care of a wide range of needs. Case in point, Barons Bus, a Northeast-based charter line that books trips from states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and New York bus travel to the lower 48 states anywhere in the U.S., offers its patrons extras like onboard spacious bathrooms for easier use. They also boast ADA fully accessible aisles to aid those with disabilities. Something else Barons Bus is known for is designing seats that are safer for children five years and under to ride in. Parents can easily secure their children using manufacturer-approved harnesses, straps, and belts that comfortably fit around the entire seat. Bonus feature: Children five and under travel for free.

Charter Bus Online Travel Companions

Charter coach companies have modernized their services in the 21st century by allowing you to retrieve important information online or through your smartphone or wireless device. GPS tracking is now available from Baron Bus on their website. You can monitor New York or Philadelphia bus travel in real time from any location. Greyhound also has a useful app that allows you to search your schedule, access your Road Reward points, confirm arrival and departure times, find terminal locations, and read useful travel tips to make your experience on the travel bus even better.

More Bus Travel Options for Your Group Adventure

Charter bus companies have moved away from the one-size-fits-all traditional bus models in favor of designing coaches that meet a wide range of needs for small and large groups. If you are planning a group event, you can charter the entire coach or take advantage of the large group discounts that many of the bus lines are offering without reserving the whole vehicle. If you’re looking for the ultimate travel experience, ask about luxury models and travel packages.

Speaking of luxury, if you want to go all out for your next wedding, business meeting, or other large group event, you need to check out Bieber Transportation Group. This high-end charter service goes all out in offering amenities and features that you can’t find on standard coaches. Guests can enjoy DVD players, microphones, USB/AC plug-ins, leather seats, a small kitchen, satellite TV, and music services. Coaches are more exclusive, offering lots of room for seating and moving around. Bieber Transportation is perfect for extended trips, such as Atlanta to Dallas.

Book Charter Bus Tickets to Miami, New York, Houston, Atlanta

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