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7 Things That Make a Bus Trip to Detroit Totally Worth it

By December 30, 2018September 6th, 2022Bus Travel, Detroit, Michigan
Bus Trip To Detroit Michigan

Detroit is more than just the “Motor City” and the birthplace of Motown Records—it also offers lots of cultural diversity and unique experiences. If you are looking to switch up your vacation plans this year and try something out of the ordinary, why not consider the largest city in the state of Michigan? Let’s go over just a few things you can plan on doing on your bus trip to Detroit.

Hit up a New Brunch Spot Every Morning

Start each morning off right with a decadent brunch. Brunch might not be the first thing you think of when you hear about Detroit, but don’t be fooled; the city has an eclectic and impressive selection of brunch menu items. Would you like some jazz with your waffles? Then brunch it up at Cliff Bell’s for some soothing tunes and chicken and waffles drenched in jalapeno maple syrup. Craving something vegetarian? Try the vegan strawberry French Toast at Seva in Midtown. And if you’d like a gorgeous waterfront view to go with your Eggs Benedict, get comfortable at the cherished 70-year old staple Sinbad’s Restaurant and Marina.

Feel Like The Great Gatsby in The Guardian Building

This attraction will only take up a few minutes of your time but is worth stopping off at before lunch or another, more time-consuming activity. Once you step inside the Guardian Building, you’ll be treated to stunning views of colorful tiles and stylistic artwork that is representative of Aztec and Native American influence. First opened in 1929, the Great Gatsby-esque building is 40 stories high and is constructed with high ceilings and walls decorated with opulent patterns. And the best part is that a visit to this historic building is completely free.

Go Kayaking on The Detroit River

Provided you’re making your visit to Detroit during the warmer months, head over to Fisherman’s Arena to take a kayak tour of the city and its river. Detroit River Sports offers visitors guided tours that take them through canals and past stately mansions. If you’re more of a night owl, you can take a full moon tour which takes guests all the way to Belle Isle. With a kayak trip, you’re killing two birds with one stone: sightseeing around the city and getting in a fun, recreational workout.

Spectate at Any Sporting Event You Please

While plenty of major cities have a single well-known baseball, basketball, or football team, Detroit has one of each. Feel like catching a hockey game? Head to Little Caesars Arena to watch the Detroit Red Wings battle it out with an out-of-town team. Prefer some good old-fashioned American football instead? Join the crowds at Ford Field as they cheer on the Lions. You can even enjoy a semi-pro soccer game at the Detroit City Football Club if you find a less American version of football more entertaining.

Shop For Vinyl

Even if you aren’t a vinyl aficionado, you’ll find something endearingly nostalgic about pursuing aisle upon aisle of vinyl records in the many record shops sprinkled throughout Detroit. There are simply far too many to list off in one paragraph, but some noteworthy names include Hello Record, People Records, Record Graveyard, Stormy Records, Found Sound, and Dearborn Music. If you can manage to cram all six of those record stores into your visit, you are bound to come up with more than a handful of classic or new vinyl to bring home.

Gorge Yourself on Coney Island Hot Dogs

Coney Island may be in New York, but Coney Island hot dogs belong to Detroit. This Midwestern city is known for its extensive food options, yet native Detroit residents keep coming back to these scrumptious, specially made hot dogs. You should have no problem finding these dogs either since they can be found at numerous spots including Lafayette, Red Hots, American, and the late Anthony Bourdain’s personal favorite, Duly’s Place. After a long day of walking the city and building up your appetite, grab a loaded hot dog or two. They’re guaranteed to hit the spot.

Munch on Detroit Pizza

If you’re planning on dieting, you should hold off until after your trip to Detroit. Detroit natives love their Coney Island hot dog, but they also serve up a mean pizza. It’s not like Chicago-style pizza and it’s not like New York-style pizza, but it’s got its own unique flare. Typically square, Detroit-style pizza is savory, thick, and comes with a flaky, crunchy crust. Some of the most beloved pizzerias include Green Lantern, Buddy’s, and Niki’s Pizza.

Ready to plan your trip to Detroit? Don’t hesitate to buy your bus tickets today!

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